What is the BMW Oil Change Cost and How to Pay Less

BMW Oil Change Cost

BMW Oil Change Cost

So, you recently purchased a BMW and now you need to get your oil changed. Since the BMW is a high-quality, top performance vehicle, you want to make sure the BMW is serviced by quality BMW professionals. You are probably wondering what the normal BMW oil change cost is. You might be surprised by the answer. If you take your BMW to a dealer in order to get the oil changed on your vehicle, it can set you back $300 to $400 dollars. Read it again – $300 to $400 dollars.

Does it sound pricey? Does it seem way too much to pay for an oil change? If the answers to these questions were yes, then you are absolutely right. Going to a dealer is likely to make you spend way more money than you bargained for. The typical BMW oil change cost at a local dealer is heavily overpriced and completely unreasonable. So, must you spend three times more than what you ought to pay each and every time you get your oil changed? Our answer is ‘not necessarily’. You don’t have to get cheated by the dealers. At Dr. Auto Tech, we can do the job for you in the same amount of time, with the same amount of quality, at over half the price.

Pay Less on your BMW Oil Change Cost with Dr. Auto Tech

Dr. Auto Tech is one of the best independent vehicle repair and servicing shops in all of Hermosa Beach. At Dr. Auto Tech, we have grown tired watching customer after customer get their pockets robbed by BMW dealers who charge exorbitant oil change rates. We want everybody who owns a BMW to have the best vehicle experience possible. In other words, we want you to be able to enjoy your car without feeling bad about paying through the nose for it every single time you get the oil changed from the vehicle.

That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to having the lowest BMW oil change cost in the area. Unlike the dealers, we provide the service you have been looking for, while also maintaining reasonable prices. Our team of BMW service professionals will be delighted to have a look at your car and get the oil changed quickly and with little to no hassle.

So, stop paying exorbitant BMW oil change costs and drop by Dr. Auto Tech. We guarantee service that is just as good as the dealers – perhaps even better – without burning a hole in your pocket.