VW maintenance

What happens if you skip routine maintenance on a Volkswagen?

Routine car maintenance is of key importance for your vehicle. To maintain optimal performance you’ll need to do more than make your car shine with a car wash or keep it running by filling your gas tank. In order to run properly, a vehicle has a specific schedule for maintenance that must be followed. Failure to do the recommended vehicle maintenance means you will have to pay big bucks for expensive repairs down the road. Therefore, not maintaining your car will cost you a lot more in the long run but getting the needed auto repairs carried out in the early phase and not in the late phase will result in significant savings.

Recommended service intervals are as follows:

  • Oil Service (Recommended every 5,000 miles)
  • 15,000 Miles – Minor Service
  • 30,000 Miles – Major Service
  • 45,000 Miles – Major Service
  • 60,000 Miles – Major Service
  • 75,000 Miles – Minor Service
  • 90,000 Miles – Major Service
  • 105,000 Miles – Major Service
  • 120,000 Miles – Major Service

The Volkswagen car owner’s manual has well described the mileage intervals to run before taking your car for maintenance. For new cars and those whose warranty has not expired, you should take your car to a certified garage like Dr. Auto Tech.

Compare the cost of routine brake repair to that of replacing the full brake system? Brakes are crucial for your car and should be annually checked and replaced even in ideal driving conditions.  If you hear a change in the pedal pressure or some squealing sound, it time to repair your brake. The cost will be minimal compared to the cost of waiting until there is damage to the brake rotor or worse the suspension system which would go up to a thousand dollar brakes repair.

Compare routine oil changes cost to that of repairing the engine? For Volkswagen and other foreign cars, check the owner’s manual for mileage intervals recommended for oil change. Proper engine functioning is determined by the cleanliness of the oil lubricating it, coagulated oil can damage the engine. The cost of oil change for VW is very reasonable but with engine ruined, the replacement or repair cost would go up into the thousands.

Hence, to be safe and avoid incurring extra cost of repairing and replacement ensure to follow Volkswagen owner’s manual maintenance schedule for your own benefit. Routine Maintenance is very vital to ensure your Volkswagen lasts for long time.