Top 5 Safety and Fuel-Saving Features for Cars in Future

Safety and fuel saving are two of the most important things to consider when buying a car.

Since the car-makers make their cars more hi-tech each year, we will look at 5 new safety and fuel saving features coming up.

Mercedes BenzCollision warning with automatic braking:  Collision warning works on radar and camera systems warn the driver of a front-end crash with beeping sounds. Along with automatic braking, the safety system can stop the vehicle or slow it down. It helps cars to keep a good distance from vehicles in front of them.

Advanced Cameras: Expect more car companies to add cameras that can detect animals or read wrong-way road signs or even notice traffic lights by 2015. And the next wave of automobiles? By 2016, auto-makers are likely to come out with systems that would automatically steer away the car from an obstacle

Lane Centering: Lane-centering is a product of lane-keeping systems, which first appeared on commercial trucks a decade ago. Those systems either make a beep sound or vibrate the driver’s seat if the camera senses that a car is swerving out of its lane.

Adaptive Headlights: Adaptive headlights help a driver while turning. These headlights swivel in the direction the car is going to. Moreover, many cars have high-beam lights that dim automatically and sense oncoming traffic.

Stop-start: This device shuts off the engine at the traffic light and automatically starts the engine when the driver releases the brake. Nearly all gas-electric hybrid vehicles have it.

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