How to Save on BMW Oil Change

BMW produces some of the best high-performance vehicles on the market today. However, with a high-precision vehicle like a BMW, you also need to make sure it is taken care of by the best in the business. Many BMW owners believe that the only way to ensure the highest quality of BMW servicing and repair is to go to a local dealer. A vast majority of them go to dealers for everything from BMW engine replacement to getting a BMW oil change. Unfortunately, this can be a huge mistake for both the BMW owner and his or her bank account.

BMW Oil Change

BMW Oil Change

Many BMW owners have realized a terrible truth about dealers – they charge far too much for far too little. Take for example getting a BMW oil change. While an oil change should only cost less than a hundred dollars, dealers will often charge tens to even hundreds of dollars more than what an oil change ought to cost. This is because dealers know how their clients will keep on coming back to them since they are supposedly the only BMW professionals who can handle the job.

Let us clear up this far-too-common misconception. You can get high-quality oil changes in the same amount of time the dealers take. At an independent repair and servicing shop, you can still find BMW professionals and technicians with the same amount of skill and even greater customer service. Just because you go to a dealer does not mean you will get better service. In fact, the best BMW service professionals can be found at independent shops. What is more, it will save you a pretty penny or two.

This is exactly what Dr. Auto Tech strives for. We are an independent repair shop with a team made up of some of the best BMW professionals in the business. Unlike the dealers, we don’t make you cough up the dough simply because we have the best BMW servicing in the area. You can get a BMW oil change for considerably less than going to a dealer. We provide you the same quality oil change without making you break your piggy bank. We will be absolutely delighted to give you the oil changes your vehicle needs for reasonable rates and without all the hassle.

When it comes to getting a BMW oil change, Dr. Auto Tech provides the best deals and the best service in Hermosa Beach. We don’t want to make you shell out your life savings, simply to take care of your car. A high-precision vehicle like a BMW should be treated with respect. Let our professionals handle it, and we will make sure both your car and your wallet get the respect they deserve.