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What happens if you skip routine maintenance on a Volkswagen?

Routine car maintenance is of key importance for your vehicle. To maintain optimal performance you’ll need to do more than make your car shine with a car wash or keep it running by filling your gas tank. In order to run properly, a vehicle has a specific schedule for maintenance that must be followed. Failure to do […]

Importance of Regular Transmission Service on Luxury Vehicles

The transmission is an essential component of the drivetrain. If it breaks, your car will not run correctly, if at all. That’s why regular transmission service is required to keep your car running. However, maintaining the regular transmission service gets more crucial on luxury vehicles. This article shows the fundamental reasons why you need specific […]

Why Is Routine BMW Maintenance Important?

You may be pampering your BMW with frequent car washes, waxes, and even interior detailing, to preserve its pristine physical state and make sure it stays that way, but that should not be all you do. While doing that keeps your car looking good on the outside, you should also consider a BMW service for […]

Wheel Alignment for Luxury Vehicles

Land Rover, Range Rover, Mercedes, Audi, and other high-end vehicles aren’t exempt from the need for regular wheel alignment and maintenance if the owner wants them to keep performing at their peak. The purpose of a wheel alignment is primarily safety and longer vehicle life. Generally, tires are rotated to achieve uniform wear and tear […]